“The clearing spray makes my mom easier to get along with!”

Once I began using Dr. Karen’s Clearing and Protection spray in my bedroom, I began to fall asleep and stay asleep much better. My mom, who seems to attract entities and can suddenly become cantankerous, is now so much easier to get along with. I’ve even used it on my painful heel and bam! The pain was gone for the whole day!”

Roz Tomblin

“All Anger & Arguments Stopped”

“I have sprayed what I considered a very sick home, with amazing results. I care for 5 complex needs grandchildren and have struggled with behavioral issues for 13 years. Always looking for solutions, I used the spray in every room.


Everybody felt the difference.


The arguments and yelling stopped, the anger subsided. All the therapists believe it's a placebo effect so I stopped spraying and sure enough the total dysfunction returned. Placebo or not, I am now spraying again. Oh the peace and serenity!!!”


“This spray balances chakras in seconds!”

I have been doing energy healing for decades and have used light and sound to balance my clients’ chakras. After being introduced to Dr. Karen’s Clearing and Protection spray, I began using it on my clients as an experiment. To my amazement, their chakras began balancing: spinning the right way and the amplitude of the spin got bigger within minutes. I kept saying to Dr. Karen “It’s amazing! It’s amazing!” I’ve done it on nine people so far and it works every time. This works so much faster than what I was doing before.”

Diane Reckleben

 “This spray clears entities!”

“I've been a clairvoyant healer for quite some time and before being introduced to Dr. Karen's Clearing and Protection spray, I would notice my yard brimming with various shadows and entities. I think that there might have been a portal in my daughter's room even. This didn't feel very comfortable to say the least! Once I got Dr. Karen's formula, I filled a bunch of spray bottles and charged them all up. I then sprayed my whole house and property inside and out!


Now my daughter's room and home feel calm and peaceful and when I look outside, my property no longer has entities roaming around. I love this spray and cannot do without it! Thank you Dr. Karen!”

Jennifer L., Reiki Master​

“My Aura was Exploding with Color!”

Before meeting my friend for dinner Oct 9, I told her I would ask her if she noticed any changes in me. I spritzed myself and our booth before she arrived. She arrived and said I was "Vibrant", she was "feeding off my amazing energy", my aura was exploding with the full colors of the rainbow and she had never seen that around ANY person!


I had a whole new power and could have anything I wanted. And the previous time she saw me, was the day before Dr. Karen Kan's gift of magic spray.”

Susan B.

“I Measured it. It's Powerful!”

I made some yesterday and played around with it. After having a sip and spritzing the entire house, I felt a gentle pressure on the back of my head at the base of my neck, the house felt lighter, and I slept very soundly. I measured the energy levels of the water with my dowsing rods. Filtered tap water was +1. Water which I infused energetically by myself was +4. Water infused with the Clearing & Protection Spray video came out at a +6. Thank you for this powerful gift, Dr. Karen!

Andrew T.

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