Dr. Amy G Lam, CH, CTKHP.


"My name is Dr. Amy Lam and I specialize in youth rejuvenation. As a mentor and healer, I help health conscious men and women renew, revive, and restore their vitality, flexibility, virility, and skin elasticity, but what I’m most passionate about is seeing them embracing their inner glow and brilliance."


If you are feeling "blah", drained and unmotivated, book a 15-minute fitability call with me so we can discover how you can feel more energized, vitalized, and rejuvenated.

About Me

I didn't plan to become a clinical psychologist and in fact, I wanted to study archaeology and art, but my parents being fairly traditional, would have frowned on my choices.  But somewhere along this journey, I discovered that I absolutely love helping people with psychological challenges and have been able to weave the elements of art and archaeology in my healing work. 

How I help

If you're stressed out, burnt out and don't know where to turn, I'm here for you. I can quickly find out what is preventing you from moving forward and help you recover your zest for life.  I absolutely love working with Angels, so I can help you connect to yours.  Having a background as a psychologist, I know what makes people tick, so whether you are suffering from symptoms of fatigue, aging, stress or autoimmunity, I'll help you restore the ideal blueprints for health and wellness, so you can feel revitalized and energized.

Working with me

We'll first get on a 15 minute Fitability call, we will discuss your healing goals and where you feel you need help. Then we’ll discuss what working with me would be like (how many sessions, what to expect etc.) and finally determine whether it’s a good fit moving forward.  During this time, I may to a mini-reading to help give us clarity on what issues are important to address.


During a typical client session, we will be connected via phone. If you’re outside of the US, we’ll use Skype call or Whatsapp. In a 30 minute session with me, we’ll take the first few minutes getting clear on the healing intentions for the sessions. In future sessions you’ll let me know of any changes or shifts since the last session. Then I’ll connect us to Source with a silent prayer, then do some Divine Muscle Testing™ and begin the healing session. Before we end, we’ll discuss any self-care required to optimize healing results.

What others have experienced...

Amy did a session with me to help me with my stress and blood pressure. Amy was very clear on what she was going to do and say and put me at ease. During the session, I like her soothing, calm style. After the session, I felt a wave of calm come over me and I felt my stress level was reduced. Upon checking my blood pressure regularly over the next few days, I can see it was reduced and maintained at that level. I felt the session with Amy was very effective in helping me with my stress and blood pressure. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy to others for similar issues. Best,

~ Todd in CA


Dear Dr. Amy, thank You for Your excellent healing session. I have no symptoms of the issues I mentioned, diaphragmatic hernia, left knee or right arm issues. The session was extraordinary. Afterwards I was in very special state of mind, calm and drowsy. Best Regards,

~ Matti Heinaekari in Finland


I'm thankful to Amy and happy to speak on the success for my two healing sessions she gave me. The first session Amy gave was based on a type of evaluation she provided. I didn't have to do much, but I got great benefits from that healing. By the time she had finished this session, I no longer had a back pain which had been constantly irritating for many years. The second session, which covered 3 topics of my own choosing, have been long standing problems for me and I'm happy to say that I've seen huge improvements on the 3 topics. While I won't go into the details on all 3 items, I can share one. It was about how I easily get distracted and lose focus on a subject. Addressing this matter was of great importance because I had started taking some courses at UCI DCE. I'm happy to say that I got As in both my winter courses and my ability to focus is actually effortless now. Thank You Amy!

~ Jason Ashley in CA


I had 2 energy sessions with Amy. She has such a calming energy, very patient, and explained everything clearly. She clearly has a deep insight into psychology given her background and combined it with energetic healing. I felt a shift in my energy, a mindset shift during and after the session and it was a wonderful experience.

~ Vivian in CA


Amy is a kind and warm person, and I feel she really wants to help. In our session I got an answer to why it's been so hard for me to heal from my physical problems; I had a resistance on healing, and Amy cleared it. I felt things shifted after our session. I slept really well and felt much more relaxed, refreshed and motivated to start a new day. I also felt my mind got a lot clearer. If you're looking for a healer I highly recommend Amy!

~ Linda in Norway


I received two healing sessions from Dr. Amy Lam last year.  The first session I received from her was when I want to clear my negative thoughts and energy.  The half an hour session had already helped me to resolve personal relationship issues.  She helped to clear many doubts I had with my bf and I can see attitude had improved for the better.  Amy also helped with my health issue.  I was healing from a kidney stones issue and Amy had helped me to speed up the recovery progress.  Amy also help me with my career in the 2nd session.  My work has been improved a lot and I received work recognition and promotion afterwards.

~ Sandra L. in San Jose, CA


During my last session with Amy she raised my light score and removed some negatives. I felt lighter right away.  The next day my energy level and my mood were noticeably improved.  Amy is a kind and caring healer who I highly recommend!

~ Margaret Schachle in FL. Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner


During the healing sessions with Amy, I felt waves of energies moving through my body, especially around my head.  I definitely recommend Amy for a quick and effective healing session.

~ Audrey Leow in Singapore

Fun Facts About Me

I love animals and singing. I am a big fan of mystical and supernatural things, which led me to a spiritual and healing path. I also love watching Korean dramas, especially romance-comedy. 


My most wanted present when I was a kid was a professional microphone for singing. I’ve had many different animal companions that include dog, cats, rabbit, rats, parakeets, fishes, hamsters and turtles with a maximum of 5 different species at one time. Now, I have 2 lovely cats, Autumn & Boy Boy. I always feel so grateful and honored that they chose me to be their human mother.




  • TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

  • Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Certified Crystal Healer

  • National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Banyan Hypnosis Center Certified 5-PATH® & 7th Path Hypnotherapist

  • New York Awareness Center Certified Sekhem-Seichim Reiki VII Facet (SSR) Master Teacher

  • New York Awareness Center Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher

  • Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Intuitive


  • White Light Healing

  • Light Language

  • Arcturian Healing Method

  • Acupressure

  • Kunlun System