Diana Limoge, CTKHP


"Hi, my name is Diana Limoge.  I specialize in energy healing & transformation. I help highly conscious people that feel stuck, stressed and blocked, experience more freedom, courage and empowerment. But what I’m really passionate about is helping clients step into clarity & the wisdom of their heart."



If you are feeling stuck, stressed and blocked, book a free 20-minute synergy call with me so we can discover how you can feel more freedom, courage. and empowerment

About Me

Growing up, my experience included a lot of childhood trauma.  I felt alone, abandoned, worthless, and unloved.  


As I matured, these experiences set me on a seekers path.  Ten years ago, I discovered the Emotion Code. By clearing the unsupportive energies of trapped emotions that I never knew existed, including heart walls, pre-conception trapped emotions in your spirit, and pre-natal emotions absorbed in the womb, the deepest healing was able to take place. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted from me. I knew this was the answer and became an Emotion Code practitioner.


Then a few years ago, I came across Dr. Karen Kan and her TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method.  Her modality rang true to me, so I studied all of her programs and incorporated TOLPAKAN™ Healing into my client sessions.   "TKH" addresses additional imbalances & blocks, positive energetic blueprints, needed positive energetic fields, and so much more, on many different levels.  My clients' energetic releases and shifts became faster, more efficient and thorough. The results were turbo-charged! 

How I help

My goal for you is personal empowerment.  Whether you are struggling with physical issues such as autoimmunity, or spiritual issues such as recurring nightmares, persecution or sabotage, I can help release the blocks and connect you with your heart's wisdom.


If you are a sensitive soul and are struggling with your sensitivity, I can help you restore healthy energetic boundaries, and heal any imbalance through multiple lives and timelines.

Working with me

During our complimentary 20 minute Synergy call, we will discuss your healing goals and where you feel you need help. Then we’ll discuss what working with me would be like (how many sessions, what to expect) and finally determine whether it’s a good fit moving forward.  


We will be meeting by phone.  In up to a 40 minute session, we’ll take the first few minutes to review your healing intentions for the sessions.  In future sessions, you’ll share your recent wins and shifts since the last session. Then I’ll connect us to Source with a prayer and go into Stillness.  Next we’ll do some Divine Muscle Testing™ and begin the healing session. . About 5 - 8 minutes before we end. I’ll pause to see if you have any questions.  Then we’ll discuss self-care, tools & techniques required to optimize healing results.  


After the initial Synergy Call, you will also have the option to not be on the phone for the actual sessions.  You will receive a written report, with a shorter ten minute follow up call after each session to review and have any questions answered.  Clients love this option, which saves them time and it is very popular.


What others have experienced...

Mara experienced broken trust from both parents, in turn not trusting self or God. She felt overly compassionate for her siblings, taking on their pain for them.  She worked with a Spiritual awareness, but a pattern of second guessing herself persisted. After working with her Soul Experience Template, she understood so much of her life’s journey and discovered a new rich framework connected to why she is here and what her purpose is.


Martina’s daughter was feeling abandoned by her absentee dad and was worried that her mom might abandon her too.  She was not always honest with her mom and feeling angry. After TOLPAKAN™ Healing sessions, her mom noticed that her daughter was no longer lamenting about her dad, and had begun processing her experience instead by journaling.  She became very honest with her mom again and was not so worried about being abandoned. She became calmer and thought before she spoke. Her mom said she is doing really well.


Caesar was having nightmares and hearing tapping sounds in the middle of the night. He was also experiencing knee pain.  After doing a TOLPAKAN™ Home Clearing Protocol, the nightmares stopped and so did the tapping! Following a second TOLPAKAN™ Healing session, his knee pain disappeared!

Fun Facts About Me

I own & grow an organically managed turmeric & ginger farm, along with citrus, avocado, mango, papaya & banana orchards.  I love to walk the beaches & forests of Maui with my beloved dog, Lotus.


"I'm passionate about helping you step into clarity and heart wisdom"


  • TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

  • Emotion Code Certified Practitioner


  • The Body Code