Resilient Body~Mind-Spirit

Divine Design Training

This Program Is For You If You Want to:


    Get Clarity on how to discern what decisions are for you and your family's highest and greatest good

  • Gain Control of your perception and experiences so you can experience calm in the chaos and heal others with your Light Radius

  • Build Confidence that you are going along your Divine Path so you can materialize your ideal future reality

In this special program, you get the roadmap and Light Medicine™ tools to feel Confident, Courageous, and Connected, no matter what gets thrown in your way.

What You'll Receive When You Join This Training

  • 4 Video Modules

    Four downloadable Divine Design Training Video Training/Healing Modules. Watch-Learn-Heal methodology!

  • Light Medicine Community Support

    Light Medicine online community for weekly prayer healings, monthly mini-healings and Q & A.

  • Forms & Handouts

    Assessments and Healing Directives for each Module.


  • Bonus Training & Healing Resources

    Learn about other ways to support health holistically as well as deleting residual negative or toxic energies whether that be from the environment or pharmaceuticals.

What other people are saying...

Finally, my Divine Muscle Testing is working YEA YEA YEA!!! ~ Christine

I am loving the content and every minute of the calls!!! ~ Maite

The Divine Design Training has been AMAZING! ~ Teri W.

Dr. Karen’s programs have changed my life physically, mentally, spiritually and financially! I always say don’t hesitate to invest in yourself! ~ Marion Mehrer

This class has been awesome for me! The combination of scientific and practical combined with spiritual and emotional satisfies my different aspects. I therefore absorbed the information on all of these levels without them fighting each other about what I was seeing/hearing.~ Kimi Okada

I got rid of my husband’s sinus headache today using STOIM and the commands ~ Pam

What You'll Learn in This Training

  • Module 1: Balance Immune Systems

    Connect with the autohealing state and learn to assess and rapidly balance your 3 primary physical and non-physical immune systems so you don't have to rely on pills and jabs to "fix" symptoms or prevent illness. Learn how your Light Radius™ can positively impact those closest to you in a positive way, even if you don't do "healing work" on them.

  • Module 3: Sovereignty Solutions™

    Learn how to release low vibrational emotions (even if you've absorbed them from others), beliefs, and even energetic infections, as well as download positive blueprints of joy, love, peace, the Abundance Actualizer and more. Restore your seven boundaries, and balance your awareness so you aren't paying too much attention to the negative.

  • Module 2: Cell Membrane Magic™

    Transform and recalibrate your cellular membranes receptors to reject negative energies and toxins, both natural and unnatural. Learn the TOLPAKAN™ Healing directives that support the body in clearing pathogenic energies, as well as ones to help reset and reboot the body systems to a higher vibration and well-being.

  • Module 4: Dynamic Discernment™

    Training your innate intuitive wisdom to seek and sense Divine Truth without succumbing to the fear-inducing media, mass consciousness, and peer pressure from family members and friends. Learn two techniques of Divine Discernment so you can decide what energies and information you let into your consciousness and space. Learn about Divine Alignment Scoring™ to assist you in making better decisions.


Quantum Jumping Training!

  • Become the eye of the storm

    Learn how to become resilient body, mind and spirit using a very simple technique that puts you into an "autohealing" state

  • Experience how to resonate your ideal future reality

    Learn the STOIM for masterful manifesting technique so you can materialize your ideal future as quickly as possible.

  • Receive TOLPAKAN™ Healing

    Via the watch-learn-heal method, you can receive Light Medicine healing with the additional benefit of "group coherent" energies. It's like receiving healing not just from Dr. Karen but from the whole group.

Divine Muscle Testing™ Training

Learn how to muscle test, and receive a muscle testing cheat sheet with a list of health and wellness tools you can test to get yourself feeling confident you're doing everything you can to be and stay healthy.

Choose the payment plan that works best for you:


Value $1200



  • 4 Divine Design Training Modules
  • Handouts and Forms for each module
  • Light Medicine Online Support Community
  • Additional Resources List
  • Bonus! Quantum Jumping™ Training
  • Bonus! Divine Muscle Testing™ Training


Value $1200



  • 4 Divine Design Training Modules
  • Handouts and Forms for each module
  • Light Medicine Online Support Community
  • Additional Resources List
  • Bonus! Quantum Jumping™ Training
  • Bonus! Divine Muscle Testing™ Training

Upon purchasing this program, you will get immediate access to all 4 Modules and Bonus Training and PDF Resources. 

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds for digital products for any reason.

About Dr. Karen Kan


Dr. Karen Kan is a doctor of Light Medicine and the founder of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method and the Academy of Light Medicine™. As an Earth Angel-Starseed empathic physician and having worked with over 2500 patients, delivered over 80 babies and performed over 4600 healing sessions, Dr. Karen is able to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.


In a past life in Lemuria, Dr. Karen was attuned to the powerful healing energies of the Archangels and Ascended Masters, and was incarnated in this lifetime to fulfill her Soul Mission to protect the Earth and empower spiritually-conscious Sensitive Souls to harness their intuiting, healing, and manifesting Superpowers so they can resonate at their highest vibration in order to anchor in our beautiful future reality of love, peace, joy and harmony for all.


As an expert in Light Medicine™, Dr. Karen is a little like Yoda from Star Wars­®, training you to become a self-healing Jedi Master®. Working with Dr. Karen and TOLPAKAN™ Healing is like having a telephone line to the Divine and being tapped into a spiritual super-computer giving you access to Divine Love, Light, and Truth. She teaches you how to ask the right questions, so you get the wisest answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most common questions

  • Q: How will the healing be done for me and my family through the Watch-Learn-Heal format?

    A: Once you purchase this training, you'll be asked to list your household family members on a separate form. Through the Watch-Learn-Heal format, as you enter the healing state taught to you in the program, your radius of light and energy will connect to your family members automatically, and they will receive the healing simultaneously. 

  • Q: Is it guaranteed that I will be immune to the virus?

    A: You will learn how to support and balance your immune systems and make your cells energetically resilient. Because of epigenetics, it is possible to produce symptoms of an infection with stress and negative thoughts, so we cannot guarantee you will never have symptoms of an infection because we don't control your thoughts and emotions.

  • Q: Does this still work even though it isn't live healing?

    A: Yes! Thanks to quantum reality, past-present-future, can all be accessed in the NOW.  That means that as you watch and learn, your consciousness will tap in to the reality of healing in the NOW, even with pre-recorded trainings!

  • Q: Is it helpful to re-watch any of the healing/trainings?

    A: It is not necessary to review the trainings multiple times, however, some people find that they more easily enter the auto-healing state with guidance and want some practice saying the Healing Directives  before doing so comfortably on their own. 

  • Q: Do my family members have to be present as I am watching the training?

    A: No, your family members do not need to be present nor do they need to be in the home in order to receive the healing. As long as you have their permission (those over 18) and they are household family members (they live with you), they will receive the healing. Your adult household family members are encouraged to watch the training with you so they can be empowered to heal themselves. 

  • Q: Can I include my grown children who don't live with me anymore?

    A: The Divine Design Training is designed for family members living in the same household. Because we are generously including an unlimited number of household family members already, we ask that outside family members purchase their own copy of the healing/training for themselves. If, for example, they have roomates, they can include them (with their permission) in the healing.

  • Q: Can one of my family members be my pet?

    A: Yes you can include your pet in the healing process in this program.  Although pets do not generally get the same infections humans and your Light Radius will positively affect them anyway, you are certainly allowed to put them down as household family members for intentional healing. 

  • Q: Do I have to be good at muscle testing in order to benefit?

    A: Absolutely not.  The Divine Design Training will teach you what to "test" but you do not have to learn Divine Muscle Testing™ in order to benefit greatly from the program. We highly encourage you to do the bonus Divine Muscle Testing™ class in order to heal any blocks to learning this valuable discernment tool. 

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