“Thank you. I felt a shift in the energy flow in my body, throughout my core”

~ Kelly

"I want to thank you Karen Kan so much for the Module 1 video of Intuitive Decision-Making Roadmap. I followed the steps you suggested this morning and did DMT to see what I should have for breakfast. I did not expect to feel so much love while listening to my body!!! ❤️ It was like my mom or a really good friend was there and wants what’s best for me, for me to be happy, and most of all for me to feel loved! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~Tanya K'zaz

“Dr. Karen’s programs have changed my life physically, mentally, spiritually and financially! I always say don’t hesitate to invest in yourself!”

~ Marion Mehrer

“When I experience a challenging moment, I can now seek the answers within, and what’s AMAZING is Dr. Karen has equipped me with the right questions to ask so I can receive the answers I need.”

~ Sarita Cohen 

“Finally my Divine Muscle Testing is working YEA YEA YEA!!!”

~ Christine

  • Correcting Reversed and Partially Reversed Polarity

    Understand what answers you’ll get with reversed and partially reversed polarity and how to correct this for more accurate Muscle Testing

  • Internal Muscle Testing

    Experience how to get definitive Yes and No answers through an internal experience that doesn’t require equipment or body movement

  • TOLPAKAN Healing Mini-Assessment

    Receive a Mini-Assessment Cheat Sheet so you can test common health and wellness issues as well as the TKH Directive to self-correct them

  • Brain Balancing Tutorial

    Learn how to differentiate whether you are left brain or right brain dominant, when you are in stress mode versus healing mode, and strategies on how to restore brain balance

  • Correcting Proxying & Partial Proxying

    Learn why some Sensitive Souls automatically proxy for others, how that uses up their energy, and why they feel bad when that happens. You’ll also learn how to end it or minimize its impact

  • 7-Point Abundance Assessment

    Use this checklist for Muscle Testing to figure out what is left to heal before your desired ideal reality can manifest

  • Light Scoring System™

    Practical advice and examples on how to use this system as a tool for discerning who or what is most aligned with Divine Light and whether something is for your highest and greatest good

  • Intuitive Impressioning™

    Practice this technique that helps you feel into future realities and options so that you can make more informed decisions aligned with your Divine Path. You’ll receive a chapter excerpt from the Sensitivity Is Your Superpower Book

Tuition: $157

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most common questions

  • Q: How do I receive healing trough the Watch-Learn-Heal format?

    A: Through the Watch-Learn-Heal format, as you enter the healing state taught to you in the program, your intention to receive will allow the healing energies to do their magic.

  • Q: Is it guaranteed that I will be able to muscle testing?

    A: Although it is difficult to guarantee 100% for anything because we don't have control over how your practice, we have experienced 100% success in everyone who has completed the program and who are practicing the skills taught. As long as you are open and willing to learn and practice, you will most likely be highly successful.

  • Q: Does this still work even though it isn't live?

    A: Yes! Thanks to quantum reality, past-present-future, can all be accessed in the NOW.  That means that as you watch and learn, your consciousness will tap in to the reality of healing in the NOW, even with pre-recorded trainings!

  • Q: Is it helpful to re-watch any of the healing/trainings?

    A: It is not necessary to review the trainings multiple times, however, some people find that they more easily enter the auto-healing state with guidance and want some practice saying the Healing Directives  before doing so comfortably on their own. 

  • Q: Do I have to watch all the modules even if I know how to muscle test already?

    A: It is highly advised to go through the Modules 1-4 because there are nuances to the skill sets that help you become more accurate and unbiased.

  • Q: Can I share my login with my family members so they can do the program?

    A: The IDRM training is designed for one person per login. If your family members are living in the same household, you can view the training together, however, it is unethical to share the logins with others who have not purchased the program. 

  • Q: Is this course a pre-requisite to learning TOLPAKAN Healing?

    A: No, this program is not a pre-requisite to learning the TOLPAKAN Healing method, however this program is included as an add-on bonus in that program, so if you already have TKH Level 1, you don't need to purchase this separately.

  • Q: Can I use the skills taught in this program for healing?

    A: YES! It's wonderful for healing! Although we aren't teaching you a healing modality in this program, the skills you learn can help you immensely in many ways and we share some tips on how you can use this for healing purposes.

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