Kathy Holmes Reed, CTKHP


"Hi, my name is Kathy Holmes Reed and I specialize in energy transformation. As an intuitive strategist, I help highly sensitive people suffering from chronic symptoms, discomfort and stress, by teaching them to transform and transmute problems into possibilities. What I am really passionate about, is witnessing their personal & spiritual evolution."



If you have sensitivity symptoms of stress, pain or fatigue, book a  complimentary 20-minute Intuitive Strategy call with me so we can discover how you can feel  more calm, comfortable and confident.



About Me

As a young adult, chronic adrenal fatigue and an unhealthy body spurred my interest in learning about the relationship between nutrition and health. It wasn’t just an interest in looking good, but a deep rooted desire to understand how to feel good through food and nutrition. 


Later on, after the birth of my grandson and witnessing the effects on our ancestral tendencies to treat the symptoms of chronic illness while ignoring the underlying causes moved me to pursue an education in the most proven healing methodologies. 


My acupuncture education introduced me to Chinese medicine leading me to understand that what our body truly needs to be healthy runs so much deeper than just what we eat. We must be equally diligent with our nutrition as we are with the health of our environment, energy and inner-well-being. 


The culmination of my education and life experience has given me the ability to recognize chronic illnesses created by a failing immune system & damaged digestive enzymes and to understand where to start healing from the inside out. 


My soul’s mission revolves around understanding and enacting spontaneous healing. Through the TOLPAKAN Practitioner Certification program I’ve been exposed to an infinite knowledge base and phenomenal tool kit to better identify the coordinates and release subconscious beliefs, programs and patterns to allow spontaneous spiritual and physical healing.

How I help

What I love doing is guiding highly sensitive people in accessing and expressing their empathic gifts.  I can take any sign or symptom, and as an intuitive strategist, help you interpret the underlying foundational reasons for them, and innovate a healing action plan so you can feel better as fast as possible.


In addition to supporting sensitive adults, I particularly enjoy supporting parents of sensitive children who might be struggling with overwhelm, inattention and anxiety.


Working with me

During our 20-minute strategy call, we will discuss your personal wellness goals, take a temperature of your current knowledge of TOLPAKAN™ healing and determine your spiritual terminology preferences. We will discuss how to achieve alignment with what you desire in health, wealth and relationships and if working together is a good fit.


For our sessions, we will be meeting via uberconference where you can connect via a link (online) or by phone. This conference line and any of the tools we will use are very user friendly and accessible. 


Each 50-minute session will begin with intentional stillness and focusing our attention on the healing goals at hand. Here we are looking to tap into coherence in the heart, brain and gut nervous systems to achieve alignment with God and ground. 


After interpreting the source of your symptoms, we will evaluate the layers available for healing. My clients have said working with me is like a dance. Together we will identify any emotional hinge pins that could set the stage for spontaneous healing and work through a TOLPAKAN™ protocol that prioritizes your desires. 


In completing the session, we may reset and reboot all systems and systems components. We will discuss Homeplay (self-care) and set goals for the upcoming sessions. 



What others have experienced...


Recently I assisted a client named Dwain with symptoms of high blood pressure.  By realigning with God, grounding and calling his spirit back into his body, he intuitively checked his blood pressure upon achieving coherence, and immediately was able to lower it by several points. 

Peri, a tennis friend turned client, harnessed her empathic gifts and in one 30 minute session, successfully released negative emotions that weren't hers and felt clear and empowered afterwards. 

Fun Facts About Me

I love playing tennis, and use my ability to read body language to stay competitive and my knowledge of spontaneous healing to make adjustments on the court. In addition to tennis, I feed my mind & body with ballroom dancing. I enjoy the beauty and the method of learning the dance. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my grandson. My days spent learning about who this sweet, emotional boy is becoming are my favorite.


"I'm passionate about witnessing your personal and spiritual evolution!"


  • TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

  • Acupuncture - Midwest College of Oriental Medicine - Cume Laude Graudate 

  • Reiki III

  • Qigong I (Medical Qigong)


  • The Emotion Code

  • The Body Code