Light Warrior Training Camp

Virtual Immersion

Harness your Intuiting, Healing, and Manifesting Superpowers, so that you can fulfill your purpose and create a life of joy!

If you are a student of IAUSM, International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery, you are eligible to save an additional $100! Please contact Dr. Karen in IAUSM for the coupon code.

Four Day Virtual Immersion!

Saturday & Sunday

July 24, 25, 31, & August 1, 2021

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

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According to research, 30% of the population is considered 


Maybe you are one of them? If you’re sensitive, you feel deeply. And you’ve been this way as far as you can remember. But growing up wasn’t easy. Your world was not sensitive to you, who you are, and what you needed to thrive. Maybe you were criticized for being “too sensitive”, or made fun of for being “weak”, or told to “toughen up!”


Life is cruel sometimes, so maybe you hide and aren't being honest about how you feel... and you shut down. But this doesn't stop the feelings from welling up inside. In fact, you continue to feel “other people’s stuff” and maybe you pretend it is okay. But it isn't, because it hurts and it feels bad, and no one taught you what to do with all that energy that isn't yours! You are overwhelmed.


Maybe you’re one of the sensitives who have a diagnosis: depression, anxiety, autoimmune disease, or multiple chemical sensitivities and are on a bunch of medications or drugs, which might be numbing the symptoms, it isn't a cure.


And you wish you could be normal like everyone else.


I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.


I am a sensitive soul just like you. I was made fun of and bullied in school but all I ever wanted was peace and harmony.


Anger and negative emotions scared me, and I was in a constant state of worry and overwhelm.  I had no idea that much of what I was feeling was not mine. I had absorbed these emotions from my family, my friends, and my teachers.


Going through medical school made it worse because of how stressful it was, and soon after, I burnt out and my body succumbed to adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, autoimmunity, allergies, depression, and even suicidality. 


I hit rock bottom. And I don’t want that to happen to you. 


It doesn't have to happen to you!

Here’s how you can tell if you’re a SENSITIVE

1. Do negative people bother so much that in order to feel good, you avoid them?

2. Have you been diagnosed with agoraphobia or social anxiety?

3. Are you naturally highly creative or artistic, love colors or crystals?

4. Do you have a hard time watching the news because it upsets you?

5. Do you have people telling you that you are “too” sensitive?

6. Do you feel anxious or “on edge” a lot of the time without reason?

7. Do you have nightmares or wake up a lot in the middle of the night for no reason?

8. Do loud sounds, bright lights, strong smells or coarse fabrics bother you?

9. Do you have a hard time shaking off negative emotions that you feel?

10. Do you have allergies or food intolerances to a whole bunch of things?

11. Do you tend to absorb other people’s emotions without even trying?

12. Are you highly intuitive and know how people feel, even at a distance?

If you’ve said YES to 3 or more,

you are likely a SENSITIVE SOUL

Here is the good news:

Your sensitivity is really a SUPERPOWER!

Yes! The same sensitivity that can seem like a curse because we “feel too much”, is an amazing gift that we can cultivate. This gift then becomes the key to accessing our intuition and healing powers to better our lives and those around us.


The only reason your sensitivity is a problem right now is because you didn’t learn how to harness and hone it as a gift. When you can harness your sensitivity as a superpower

you’ll not only be able to manage your sensitivity symptoms much better, you’ll be able to make better decisions, manifest better relationships, and heal yourself faster than ever before.

During the Virtual Light Warrior Training Camp 

you’ll learn how to harness this sensitivity:

Divine Muscle Testing™

I’ll show you how to connect to Source, release leading energies, ask the right questions, and get reliable intuitive answers

The Light Scoring System™

You’ll learn how to use the Light Score™ to quickly discern how well someone or something is in alignment with Divine Light

STOIM™ for Masterful Manifesting

Learn a simple, reliable way to access Zero Point to seed your future ideal reality and manifest your dreams

Intuitive Impressioning™

How to use your clairsentience

(feeling gift) to predict future

best outcomes and to optimize


Sensitivity SOS Protocols™

Learn the top 6 super-quick energy techniques to clear your aura and remove unwanted negative energy

Healing by Proxy-Prop™

How to perform effective remote “hands-on” healing without the other person being physically present



Clear conflict and communication

crisis with ease, speed, and grace

(not to mention getting more of

what you want!)

TOLPAKAN™ Environment Magic

Become masterful at Weather Magic™, Traffic Magic™, Home Clearing Magic™, and Bubble Transmutation Magic™

Perception Kung Fu™

Using Wing Chun Kung Fu principles, learn how to overcome obstacles with ease and efficiency

The Nirvana of No™

Understand and practice the art of saying “No”, a vital skill for all Sensitive Souls to master in order

to keep healthy boundaries and enjoy bountiful well-being

If you are a student of IAUSM, International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery, you are eligible to save an additional $100! Please contact Dr. Karen in IAUSM for the coupon code.

Here’s what other students are saying:​

I feel like I found my " tribe" and there was so much love and support from every single person.️ I do wish it was just one extra day longer LOL! and there is a deeper trust in my own abilities.

~ Jennifer

My business has picked up and I have been in a higher vibration since the event. I look at my situations from a different perspective and see that it is moving me forward in all areas of my vision.

~ Maria

I have a feeling of empowerment to put my learnings into action... knowing that manifestation will follow and that the answers to my questions lie within myself and will come when I practice STOIM™.

~ Gabriela

If you are a student of IAUSM, International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery, you are eligible to save an additional $100!

Please contact Dr. Karen in IAUSM for the coupon code.

Here’s what you'll receive:​

  • The understanding that DNA is NOT the root cause of illness; and how you can tap into your natural healing powers

  • How to access Zero Point, your Inner Creator so you can have instant access to peace in 3-minutes or less

  • How to “seed” the Zero Point with your desired outcome and maintain that positive trajectory no matter what life throws at you

  • How to clear yourself of unwanted negative energies, maintain healthy boundaries, and live more authentically and joyfully

  • How to use Divine Muscle Testing™ and Body Dowsing to have a conversation with Source to open up your intuitive receiving channels to choose wisely

  • How to overcome obstacles and negative events with greater ease, speed, and grace

  • How to say “No” nicely and hold healthy relationship boundaries

  • How to hone your sensitivity to give you useful intuitive information about people and situations to harmonize your future reality

  • How to activate your healing powers and send remote healing to a person, even if you've never done hands-on healing

  • How to use Transformational Telepathy to dramatically change your relationships and resolve problems swiftly


As a medical doctor, having cared for over 2,500 patients, delivered over 80 babies and performed over 4,800 healing sessions, Dr. Karen Kan has discovered that many highly-sensitive people are suffering from chronic physical health issues, emotional health issues, and relationship health issues because they don’t know how to cope with their sensitivity and turn it into a superpower. 


Dr. Karen Kan is a Light Medicine Doctor, bestselling author, and founder of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method. As a mentor and healer, she helps highly-sensitive people hone their superpowers, express their Soul's Mission, and experience joy in the process. However, what she is really passionate about is helping Sensitive Souls shine their light so they can pull the world out of darkness. 


She loves helping spiritually-conscious souls vibrate at their highest frequency and anchor in a brand new reality of love, joy, peace, prosperity, and harmony for the greatest good of all.

Plus, gain access to the Light Medicine for Sensitive Souls Workshop

Pre-Event BONUS (Value $197)

In this 2-Hour BONUS Workshop, you will learn...

  • About the Sensitive Soul types (Earth Angel, Indigo, Starseed, etc.) and their characteristics

  • How to extract your Foundational Soul Mission in this lifetime using the Soul Mission Matrix™  protocol

  • How to pull out negative energies and download positive energies using the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method

If you are a student of IAUSM, International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery, you are eligible to save an additional $100!

Please contact Dr. Karen in IAUSM for the coupon code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most common questions

  • Q: What is your refund policy?

    A: You may request a refund minus a $50 administration fee by or before July 1, 2021.

  • Q: Will it be recorded?

    A: Yes, the virtual training camp will be recorded (except the breakout rooms are not) and will be available for viewing until September 1, 2021.

  • Q: I am a student at IAUSM. Do I get an extra discount?

    A: Yes! If you are a student of IAUSM, please contact Dr. Karen through your IAUSM student portal to receive the special $100 off discount code. Book early to save your spot.

  • Q: Will I be able to do the skills on my own afterward?

    A: Absolutely! The goal of this virtual training camp is to provide expert mentoring to utilize these skills immediately in your life.

  • Q: Will Dr. Karen be doing healing work on me?

    A: There will be opportunities to experience mini-healings during this virtual training camp. Also, Dr. Karen will be connected to Zero-Point throughout the camp, as you will too, and you may notice spontaneous healing. Keep in mind that YOU will also be doing most of the transformation and work with Dr. Karen's expert support.

  • Q: Is it necessary that I watch the Light Medicine workshop ahead of time?

    A: No, it is not necessary. It is complimentary to the work we will be doing during the virtual training camp.

  • Q: When does the early-bird tuition end?

    A: The $50 USD savings for early-bird tuition ends on Wednesday July 7, 2021 at 1PM Eastern.

  • Q: When does registration close?

    A: Registrations close on Wednesday July 22nd at 1PM eastern or when all the spots are filled, whichever comes first.

  • Q: Do I need to read Dr. Karen's Sensitivity is your Superpower book ahead of time?

    A: No, it isn't necessary. However, it may be helpful since we will be expanding on skills outlined in the book. 

  • Q: Can I have a friend or family member attend the virtual training camp with me?

    A: Each purchase only covers one person. Your friend or family member will need to register in order to participate. If you would like to receive a referral coupon code, email us at Please note, this coupon code is only available with a qualifying purchase. Keep in mind that spots are limited and we reserve the right to change this offer once we are near capacity.

  • Q: Will I be able to muscle test after this camp?

    A: The intention is that you will be confident with muscle testing after the virtual training camp is complete. Dr. Karen will be working with participants to heal what may be blocking your ability beyond the need of additional practice.

  • Q: Will there be breaks during the day?

    A: Absolutely yes! We will be taking regular bio-breaks, including a 20-minute lunch period, stretch breaks, etc. so that you have the best experience possible. We may even go outdoors for part of the virtual training camp as well.

Event Location:


Online via Zoom

Will be emailed prior to July 24th



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