Peggy Jo Wilhelm, CTKHP

"Hi. My name is Peggy Jo Wilhelm,  and I am a Personal Advocacy Thinking Partner. I help women who are feeling stuck, depleted and powerless feel joyful, inspired, and liberated. I am passionate about helping women radiate their divine essence and live magical lives!"

Peggy Jo Wilhem Certified Tolpakan Healer

If you are feeling stuck, depleted and powerless, book a  complimentary 15-minute discovery call with me so we can discover how you can feel  more joyful, inspired and liberated.

About Me

 Fourteen years ago my life changed dramatically in  the midst of a fulfilling career as a University professor and professional musician.


I developed an undiagnosed life threatening illness of multiple brain bleeds and comas. I underwent many surgeries and had to relearn simple tasks, walking, dressing, speaking and seeing. After visits to the Mayo Clinic, the National Institute of Health, and many specialists, I found help through Chinese Herbs and a naturopath clinic. 


Fast forward to two years ago, I stumbled upon Dr. Karen Kan's TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method and began studying and practicing the method. Her energy modality and quantum physics approach empowered great healing for myself as well as my family and clients. So much so, I wanted to be able to help other people heal as well. 


Today I feel able to lead a healthy life with purposefulness and freedom. I’m grateful and honored for this knowledge and expertise.  

How I help

So many of the people I work with come to me feeling stuck and powerless. I help them decode and break free from their old habits and patterns that no longer serve them, like a river guide that helps to navigate through rocky passages and rapids.


I help my clients learn strategies for connecting to their intuition and their own inner wisdom to become empowered, intuitive and joyful, dropping into calmer waters with techniques that can help navigate the rapids. I tap into Source to ask what needs to be healed, cleared and removed to facilitate healing and conscious growth.  


I teach clients how to use the TOLPAKAN™ healing strategies to be empowered to live life fully and radiantly. 

Working with me

In our complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call, we will discuss your healing goals and what you would like assistance with.  We'll do a brief mini-reading.  Following that we will discuss how this program package works and if it is a good fit for us both.


For our 45 minute sessions, we connect remotely through the phone or in another way that is mutually agreeable. I'll be doing a TOLPAKAN™ healing assessment and choosing the ideal protocols that will support you in your healing journey. I will share more deetails with you regarding the process once we do the Discovery Call. You can book that by emailing me (see above).


What others have experienced...

To learn more about me and what others have experienced working with me, watch this interview with TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method founder, Dr. Karen Kan

Fun Facts About Me

I love to connect with nature  through gardening, hiking, biking  and camping.

I am an artist with an emphasis in fused glass. 


Before my health journey, I was a teacher and professor for 28 years.  


"I teach you to be empowered to live life fully and radiantly."


  • TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

  • Cognitive Educator