Why I created this program:


It wasn't long ago that I felt like I was treading water like so many other people, just trying to survive and barely making ends meet. I was working super hard, but it seemed like it was never enough. Not only that, I was fraught with symptoms of being sensitive to everything and everyone. I couldn't understand why I suddenly had pain or fatigue seemingly for no reason.


Then one day, I finally found out who I really was, and it rocked me to my core. Finding out that my soul was a Lemurian Angelic being from a past life now reincarted in my body was shocking enough. But then discovering that I did not complete my Soul's Mission in that lifetime and that I had reincarnated to do exactly that in this lifetime was beyond belief. I was a "sensitive" soul, a starseed and earth angel.


I found out that the combined healing energies of the Archangels had been bestowed on my Lemurian self aeons ago. I was one of the original eight beings that had been personally attuned by Archangel Raphael. (Jesus was another of the original eight.) As a Lemurian healing master, it was my Soul's Mission to attune earth's inhabitants with this healing energy, spreading these healing frequencies far and wide. Unfortunately, when Lemuria was suddenly destroyed, I had not yet completed my mission.


I then realized that it was my mission in this lifetime to complete what I had started in Lemuria. I was to share these healing frequencies with the rest of the world and teach them how to use them to heal themselves and others. At first I could only attune people one at a time, through touch or crystals, but now, thanks to Ascension, I've been able to attune most of humanity en masse!


Most people don't even know they have these special healing frequencies that keep evolving and increasing in power and light with each Ascension upgrade. I created programs and events in order to teach people how to use their spiritual gifts and these abilities, which I now call TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing.


In short, TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing is a 3 step method that involves getting answers from Source through Divine Muscle Testing, Directing the healing and reassessing the results.


It is quick and fast.


You do not have to be a professional healer to do amazing healing work.

Amazing Testimonials

I feel like I found my " tribe" , and there was so much love and support from every single person.️ The amazing food that was prepared with so much love from Cathy , and waking up every day to incredible views.  I do wish it was just one extra day longer LOL! and there is a deeper trust in my own abilities.  



My business has picked up and I have been in a higher vibration since the event. I look at my situations from a different perspective and see that it is moving me forward in all areas of my vision.

~ Maria


I have a feeling of empowerment to put my learnings into action...knowing that manifestation will follow and that the answers to my questions lie within myself and will come when I practice STOIM.



The best part of the SYHP was being pushed to pair up for processes and be held accountable for really listening and doing an exercise. Being social can be a challenge for me.  STOIM will help me gain more clarity. Intuitive Impressioning will help me know how to approach people and situations. Internal Muscle testing will allow me to use this on everything anywhere!

~ Karen R.


The best part for me was the infusing and maintaining of high energy to help keep us energized and engaged such as the dancing, stretching, drum rhythms to bring us in , charging tools, and energy infused foods from Cathy and her team.  I still feel energized! One of my top takeaways was from the overcoming obstacles exercise by being able to actually feel and experience a change in perspective.   I've changed my perspective on many things since I've been back and it has really shifted a lot of things.

~ Carissa

After the healing demonstration Dr. Karen did on me and the class “sent” me some energies, I noticed that a chronic painful area on my back (that I’ve had for about 20 years) finally disappeared!  It’s gone. I don’t know how this all works, but it is amazing.

~ Curtis


The best part of this event was the beautiful surroundings, the joy of enjoying Cathy’s cooking,  meeting the tribe in person, experiencing more energy, and feeling happier than I have for a very long time.

Wonderful new friends!

~ K.S.


Being challenged several times during the event and finding myself staying with the challenge. I found myself not using my normal “avoid” pattern, but rather exploring the challenge, sticking with it, not avoiding it and being open to it what it was trying to teach me.  Some good revelations came just from being willing to stick with it and let the feelings come up freely. I no longer wonder “what is wrong with me that I am not getting this” but rather accept that I just need to persist and practice the new skills that we were taught.



The best part for me was meeting Dr. Karen live and witness your amazing leadership capacities and feel your sparkling light, love and vitality as well as awesome Cathy with your magic loving wands and all team and family members and everyone of you beautiful/loving/amazing/awesome guys. I am extremely grateful to everybody and to the Land and Lake!!!

~ Maite


This was an incredible event.  I’m still supercharged. My energy has been great even after the event and people are getting better results from my healing work!

~ Dave


I haven’t been this happy in I don’t know how long.  Even after the event, stressful things don’t bother me as much




  • Healing haunted homes

  • Healing malfunctioning computers, cars and phones

  • Healing a drowned young child

  • Releasing symptoms of pain and depression

  • Healing a pet's tumor

  • Bringing back lost pets and loved ones

  • Manifesting the return of a stolen car

Here is what you'll learn:

  • How to access instant Peace by tapping into Your Beingness of calm, peace, stillness

  • Understanding the Cell Story (TM) and how your DNA responds to frequency and light information

  • Intuitive Impressioning (TM) technique - how to optimize your sensing abilities to make decisions that are for the highest good

  • Healing by Proxy-Prop(TM) technique - how to heal someone or yourself "remotely" while using your hands and clairsentience

  • How to Extract your Soul's Mission using the Soul Mission Matrix

  • Your Soul Experience Template - how to know what your soul requested to experience in this lifetime

  • The fastest way to manifest using a combination of Stillness and Sacred Geometry

  • How to change matter with the powers of your intention

This program is a training and experiential where you'll not only be learning more about yourself as an energy being, but how to receive intuitive information and perform effective energy healing.


By completing this training, you'll be able to:

Supercharge Your Healing Powers Accelerator Training (Value $1111)
In addition, to supercharging your healing powers, you get these TOLPAKAN Healing Method bonuses:


Soul Typing Training

how to know whether you're an indigo, earth angel, starseed etc.


STOIM: Your Doorway to the Divine

for peace, calm, joy and faster manifesting


God/Spirit Team Upgrade healing

removal of false guides and inclusion of members with infinite healing powers


You'll be given your Student Portal Access within 24 hours of registering for the event.