Dr. Karen's

1:1 VIP Programs

Do you need expert, personalized healing and training for...

understanding the underlying reasons for your illness or symptoms?

honing your sensitivity as your "Superpower"?

extracting and expressing your Soul's Mission?

releasing negative energies such as vows, curses, cords, and entities?

*Personal consultation services are available via conference call/online meeting.

How to know if you will benefit:

All of my programs are designed to put you in the driver's seat - for you to be the master of your destiny.  My goal is to give the power back to you, so that you can be empowered to heal yourself and have a great life that you love and enjoy.  I believe that you already possess many gifts and "superpowers".  I'd like to help you understand and hone those gifts.


I work with sensitive souls who are feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted and help them get clear, confident and connected (to their higher purpose).  I'll show you how to connect with Source and ask the "right" questions to get the best solutions for your most troublesome problems.


Working With Me Isn't For Everyone


It isn't for you if:

  • you want to "depend" on someone else to fix or heal you
  • you're not willing to take personal responsibility for your health and well-being
  • you'd rather blame others for your situation and remain a victim


Working with me may be right for you if:

  • you are willing to think outside the box and stretch your imagination and creativity
  • you are willing to take personal responsibility for your health and your life
  • you want to be empowered to heal yourself
  • you want to hone your "superpowers"
  • you want to express your true Soul's Mission in this lifetime
  • you are committed to personal growth and evolution
  • you are open to miracles

Helping sensitive souls for over 25 years...

  • Healing Type™ Assessment

  • Sensitive Soul Typing™

  • 7-point Abundance Assessment™

  • Home and land clearing

  • Health assessments and healing

What others are saying...

"100% Success with Entity Clearing"

"My injured spine better in minutes"

Marion Mehrer

Sarita Rosenhaus Coren