Supercharge ​Your Healing Powers

A 3-Day Training to Align with the Divine, Hone your Spiritual Gifts and Connect to your Soul Mission

September 7-9, 2018

  • Do you believe that you have a calling in life that requires your unique sensitivity and gifts?


  • Do you feel frustrated with all the negativity and chaos around you?


  • Do you feel misunderstood and unsupported because you're "different"?


  • Do you wish someone would show you an easier way to heal aches, pains, depression and anxiety?

If you said YES to any one of these questions, then keep reading.

The world and everyone in it is going through massive changes and it is known as the Ascension. With Ascension, powerful high vibrational energies are introduced and massive clearing of negative energies take place. Sensitive souls can feel frustrated because they know they have an important role to play in the Ascension but are often struggling with their health, money, or relationships. Not only that, they feel that their friends and loved ones don't understand or appreciate them - sometimes they are just labeled "weird". So they often feel alone in a world of insensitive people. And the worst part for sensitive souls is that they may not understand who they REALLY are and what they are here on this planet to accomplish, so this lack of clarity blocks them from manifesting a purposeful joyous life.


Ascension is by no means easy. But if you're a sensitive soul, there is good news!


If we haven't met yet, my name is Dr. Karen Kan. I am a physician specializing in spiritual medicine and I work with sensitive souls from around the world to help ground and integrate these ascension energies and teach them how to discover and hone their spiritual gifts. I help them understand who they really are and why they are here on earth, and teach them the skills necessary to manifest better health, joy and abundance in their everyday lives. I want to show you exactly how you can begin tapping into your spiritual gifts and co-creating the life you've always wanted.

Healing doesn't have to be hard.

In fact, you already possess the power to change your reality in a massive way!

Why I created this event:


It wasn't long ago that I felt like I was treading water like so many other people, just trying to survive and barely making ends meet. I was working super hard, but it seemed like it was never enough. Not only that, I was fraught with symptoms of being sensitive to everything and everyone. I couldn't understand why I suddenly had pain or fatigue seemingly for no reason.


Then one day, I finally found out who I really was, and it rocked me to my core. Finding out that my soul was a Lemurian Angelic being from a past life now reincarted in my body was shocking enough. But then discovering that I did not complete my Soul's Mission in that lifetime and that I had reincarnated to do exactly that in this lifetime was beyond belief. I was a "sensitive" soul, a starseed and earth angel.


I found out that the combined healing energies of the Archangels had been bestowed on my Lemurian self aeons ago. I was one of the original eight beings that had been personally attuned by Archangel Raphael. (Jesus was another of the original eight.) As a Lemurian healing master, it was my Soul's Mission to attune earth's inhabitants with this healing energy, spreading these healing frequencies far and wide. Unfortunately, when Lemuria was suddenly destroyed, I had not yet completed my mission.


I then realized that it was my mission in this lifetime to complete what I had started in Lemuria. I was to share these healing frequencies with the rest of the world and teach them how to use them to heal themselves and others. At first I could only attune people one at a time, through touch or crystals, but now, thanks to Ascension, I've been able to attune most of humanity en masse!


Most people don't even know they have these special healing frequencies that keep evolving and increasing in power and light with each Ascension upgrade. I created programs and events in order to teach people how to use their spiritual gifts and these abilities, which I now call TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing.


In short, TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing is a 3 step method that involves getting answers from Source through Divine Muscle Testing, Directing the healing and reassessing the results.


It is quick and fast.


You do not have to be a professional healer to do amazing healing work.

My students have used TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing to manifest wonderful things such as:

  • Healing haunted homes

  • Healing malfunctioning computers, cars and phones

  • Healing a drowned young child

  • Releasing symptoms of pain and depression

  • Dissipating a hurricane (Hurricane Patricia in 2016)

  • Healing a pet's tumor

  • Bringing back lost pets and loved ones

  • Manifesting the return of a stolen car

 And much, much more! 


Check out more stories HERE

I invite you to join me, my Light Warrior students, and other energy healers at the Supercharge Your Healing Powers LIVE event where we will help you hone your energy sensing skills as well as your energy sending skills. By practicing TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing, you'll be increasing your Power levels, that is, your ability to make a shift purely from your intentions to physical reality. And in this event, I'll show you exactly how to do that.

Here is what you'll experience:

  • 3 day immersion in the healing energies of the Adirondack Forest Preserve and the Lake Clear Energy Vortex

  • Being more in tune with your Intuitive Gifts

  • Practices to optimize and balance your Energy Body

  • Hand-on healing proxy technique

  • Remote energy healing technique

  • Understanding more of your Soul's Mission

  • Connection and love from other members of your tribe

  • An embodied experience of receiving Abundance

  • A greater appreciation and understanding of yourself

  • Feeling more grounded, nurtured, and peaceful

  • New experiences of Joy and Fun!

This event has been designed to be highly interactive where you'll not only be learning more about yourself as an energy being, but how to receive intuitive information and perform effective energy healing.


By the end of this weekend, you'll be able to:

    Direct energy healing in bigger more creative ways than ever before


    Feel more grounded in your Soul's mission


    Use your intuitive gifts with greater precision in your every day life



    Pre-event Accelerator Training: Worth $1000

    If you register now, you'll receive bonus training in the months leading up to the event. You will receive a private login to your student portal where you'll be able to access the training and healing videos and your Vision form. Not only that, you'll also receive:


    Personalized 7-Point Abundance Assessment

    based on your Vision or your ideal life


    TOLPAKAN(TM) Power Level Reading

    before and after the event


    Soul Typing Training

    how to know whether you're an indigo, earth angel, starseed etc.


    STOIM Technique: Being-ness for Busy People

    for peace, calm, joy and faster manifesting


    God/Spirit Team Upgrade healing

    removal of false guides and inclusion of members with infinite healing powers


    You'll be given your Student Portal Access within 24 hours of registering for the event.



    Step 1:

    Until April 15 2018 we have a special Super Early-Bird price available for our community for $97 which is 80% off the regular ticket price. There are only 30 available spots to receive a Sound Bath healing with certified practitioner Andrea Villiere - a once in a lifetime experience! To secure your place, just purchase your event and sound bath ticket(s) now before the deadline.

    Step 2:

    For lodging/meal packages, contact Lake Clear Lodge and Resort. Click BOOK button at the upper right hand corner of the website. Use PROMO CODE: KAREN2018. Please note that there are limited numbers of cabins and single occupancy rooms, so book early. Call the Lodge at 1-518-891-1489 and tell them you are attending the Supercharge Your Healing Powers event. To see a video of the retreat center where we'll be holding the event click HERE.

    Step 3:

    Book your travel. If you're coming by plane, the closest airport is the Lake Clear airport (10 min drive to resort) and the next major hubs are: Albany, NY (ALB) (3 hour drive to resort), Plattsburgh, NY (PBG) (1.5 hour drive to resort) and Burlington, VT (BTV) (2.5 hour drive to resort).  The training starts Friday morning after a nutritious breakfast at the resort and ends 4PM Sunday (optional Sound Bath treatment 6PM Sunday).

    Step 4:

    Check your email for your friends and family discount as well as accelerator pre-event upcoming BONUS training.


    60 days before event begins - Full refund minus $20 administration fee

    30-60 days before event begins - 50% refund minus $20 administration fee

    0-29 days before event begins - no refunds

    Have More Questions? Check out this video where Dr. Karen Kan and Cathy Hohmeyer of the Lake Clear Lodge explain more about what to expect and how to book your tickets and accommodations!

    DAY 1

    DAY 2

    DAY 3

    7:45-8:25AM Qigong

    8:30-9:25AM Breakfast in restaurant

    9:30-10:45AM WORKSHOP 9

    10:45-11:15AM Break

    11:15-12:30PM WORKSHOP 10

    12:30-2:00PM Lunch in restaurant (VIP & Staff Lunch in Rathskellar)

    2:00-3:15PM WORKSHOP 11

    3:15-3:45pM Pack Up – Goodbye pics/hugs

    3:45-5:00PM 4PM Set up Sound Bath

    7:00-8:30PM SOUND BATH 6PM Retreat Center (optional)

    Dr. Karen Kan


    Dr. Karen Kan is a light medicine doctor, bestselling author, and founder of the Academy of Spiritual Medicine. As a mentor/healer, she helps highly sensitive people hone their superpowers, express their Soul's Mission and experience joy in the process. But what she's really passionate about is helping the world move from darkness into light.