A Doctor who clears entities!

“I met Dr. Karen while taking one of her free online classes on clearing entities and made an instant connection.


What I've learned from Dr. Karen has blown me away. Her dowsing (muscle testing) is lightning-fast and accurate, and being a Doctor, she has the advantage of being able to ask very specific questions on muscle testing that only a medical doctor can. For example, she found hundreds of ancestral ghosts attached to a hormone receptor in someone with autoimmune thyroid disease. That person had autoimmunity that was refractory to treatment until Dr. Karen helped to heal and release these ancestors.


One of the things I most appreciate about Dr. Karen is her perception about entities with which I am in total agreement: the time of duality of "good" versus "evil" or "us" versus "them" is no longer resonating with our higher spiritual frequencies. With love we can heal all. I highly recommend Dr. Karen both as a holistic physician and as a spiritual healer. She is truly one of a kind!”

Feeling deeply calm, centered and peaceful!

“Wow! Beautiful, powerful, and transformational!


My intention was to enhance and open up my intuitive abilities even more in the way of the highest good. I experienced many tingles and multiple whole body chills, and am now vibrating and buzzing ;-). I even felt a little release in my neck, which felt great.


When I started, I was a bit tense and stressed, but by the end, I feel deeply calm, centered and peaceful.


I love the unique fusion of such deeply evocative images/artwork with the music & your healing energies! I feel a deep shift on a cellular level and look forward to using it again!


Thank you so much for this opportunity”

Phenomenal! Energetically cleared in all dimensions!

“I loved the music. I could feel myself entraining to it instantly. It’s very calming, soothing, and ethereal.


The artwork is many-dimensional. It takes me to the subconscious mind. It’s rather phenomenal actually; like a Rorschach ink blot only much better; you perceive your own inner mind reflected back. I felt very grounded and peaceful after watching it for 15 minutes.


I noticed improvement with the intention that I worked with right away. I recommend Dr. Karen’s Ascension products for anyone wanting to be energetically cleared through all dimensions and brought into the present moment, elevated and balanced. Thank you Dr. Karen for making these important products that assists in our personal evolution.”

Source directed and extremely high vibrational!

"As a psychic and medium, I've had many years of experience dealing with all sorts of negative entities attached to or affecting my clients. I've also known many energy healers as well.


After meeting Dr. Karen, it was clear that her Source-directed healing is extremely powerful (one time it felt as if she was healing a whole country!). In fact I told her that her vibration was so high that it was impossible for an entity to attach to her. There aren’t too many healers I’ve met that I can say that about.


Dr. Karen asked me to evaluate her Ascension products and to give her feedback so she could tweak it to the highest level. Well, I did and boy do they work! They are Source-directed and extremely high vibrational. I trust Dr. Karen and her healing products and so can you."

I received several messages from light beings!

“I had the privilege of previewing Karen Kan’s Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection Video and audios.


As an ascension artist and an energy healer myself, I loved this video. The energies within are wonderful. As I looked at the images, I could feel activations and clearings happening, plus I received several messages from light beings. 


The energy was elevating and beautiful. I definitely recommend Karen’s energy infusions and look forward to experiencing more of them.”

I felt waves of energy flowing through me!

"The video, Ascension 2 -All-in-One, is very powerful!


I loved all the intricacies and layers of sound in the music! I felt waves of energy flowing through me and it got stronger as the video went on.


The images were beautiful as well as a bit haunting and at times unexpected. Overall I feel it was a deep activation. Nicely done! Thank you”

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Just remember, there is no “wrong way” to play the audios/videos. 


If you are still not sure, feel free to start playing Ascension 1 & 2 audios at LEAST once a day. Do it consistently!  If you are looking for specific results, then be sure to focus (even visualize and feel it) on exactly what outcome you want. For the videos, I suggest at LEAST twice a week to start, however many people choose to focus their attention only using the MP3’s and that is just fine.

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